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Best Over Ear Headphones Reviews (BOEHR’s) is your online portal for latest reviews and product suggestions. The majority of products that we review are over ear headphones. We are not limited to this selection of products. We also review on-ear, in-ear, headsets, and other standard audio equipment. You can consider BOEHR as your number one source of information regarding headphone technology.

Their are many different devices to choose from, all depending on your preference. If you are looking for headphones that offer noise cancelling functionality, we breakdown the best products. Those who love to play Video Games would want to checkout the best gaming headsets. Every year the list for our best over ear headphone selection gets updated. Only the latest products that have useful features are reviewed.

Other Things To Look Forward To

Another focus of ours is to provide informative articles here on BOEHR. We educate the reader on the history of companies such as Beats Electronics. We also may offer guides on how to setup your devices, though we mention such tips in each review. Not only do we provide in-depth reviews to brands such as Sony, BOHM, Bose, we review smaller headphone brands as well. We cover all aspects of use. Whether your listening to music, taking a phone call, watching TV, jogging, or in a production setting, their is a device for you.

Come back often as we are always adding new reviews. We also provide a way for you to purchase headphone products directly after finishing your research. If you have great experiences with certain products you would love to share, please do. We look forward to seeing you in the comment sections. Have an awesome day!

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