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Best Gaming Headphones For Gamers 2016

Choosing from the best gaming headphones

When playing your favorite video games that involve co-op in games such as Call of Duty, Gears of War, Kill Zone, and Battlefield you as a gamer want to have complete immersion. You want to be in the action as if you were actually their. In today’s day-in-age, realism in gaming is already here. With high-definition graphics that exist and 4k gaming that is well on its way, what better way than to enjoy your favorite shooter by enhancing the sounds of gun-fire and realistic game effects. With the right pair of headphones, it becomes possible.

You as the gamer are constantly looking for the best possible sound while playing your favorite games but also a mic set that is included to allow you to give directions and respond to your teammates when they are under-fire. As captain of your team, you want to make sure that your orders are load and clear and that everyone can hear you speak clearly.

Below is a list of the best gaming headphones that are currently out on the market. You will be able to decide for yourself and see which gaming accessory is the best fit for your gaming needs.

Ear Force X12 Headphones

Ear Force X12 Gaming Headset and Amplified Stereo Sound

The Ear Force x12 gaming headset by Turtle Beach offers a headset with superior sound. Amplified Audio enhances your game sounds, allowing you to have a much more immersive experience.

The Ear Force x12 comes with an in-line amplifier which gives you quick access to audio controls in the game. The variable bass boost features add great depth and realism to the games audio.

A great feature is the Microphone monitor that allows you to hear exactly what it is your saying. The headset is also USB powered so no batteries are needed to operate.

These headphones support the following platforms: PC, Mac, and Xbox 360. They come in the following colors: Black or White.



Yapster TM-YB100A Headphones Review

Yapster TM-YB100A – Universal PC/Stereo Gaming Headset

The Yapster Universal TM-YB100A headset has many uses for it’s possessor. Not only are these headphones great and for gaming but also can be used for video messaging over applications like Skype or used on one of your favorite MP3 players.

This headset is very comfortable to wear, it has a nice over the ear design and a padded headband for maximum comfort. For a very easy install, this headset has two 3.5mm connector jacks.

A boom microphone feature is included for chatting online. The sound quality is very exceptional, stereo sound for all of your video and music listening needs.

The microphone includes a mute button as well as an in-line volume control. This headset has all the buttons and features you need to access simply at your finger tips.

The Yapster Universal headset is built for the PC computer and can be used for PS3 via USB adapter and is compatible with your latest MP3 Players.




SADES SA-708 Headphones Review

SADES SA-708 Stereo Gaming Headphone Headset with Microphone

At first glance the Sades SA-708 gaming headphones looks like a transformers piece of headgear. This tech looks heavy duty but actually it’s light weight, durable and comfortable to wear.

The price for the headphones makes it the real winner, for just under $20 you get a gaming headset that has awesome sound quality that goes with the awesome look that the device already has.

The mic quality could be better, but considering that the price is so low, you wouldn’t be disappointed so much about it. The color of these headphones are black and lightening blue.

These gaming headphones are for the PC platform.




AFUNTA Sades 709 Headphones Review

AFUNTA Sades 709 Wired Professional Game Headphone Gaming Headset

If you are looking for the complete gaming experience than you should check out the Afunta Sades 709 gaming headphones. These bad boy deliver a deep base and amazing surround sound quality for the “Real Game” experience.

The design is very unique and appealing to technology and gaming enthusiasts. The headband is very comfortable to wear and is adjustable to any person wearing it. The headphones provides a unique virtual speaker technology, has realize sound reverberation which builds a virtual surround sound effect.

With extra comfortable cushions for your ears and an excellent super bass stereo sound, for $20 the Afunta Sades headphones are an absolute steal! Enjoy these headphones for watching your favorite movies as well as for the ultimate gaming experience.

Afunta Sades 709 is compatible with your PC, PS3 via adapter, and your favorite MP3 players.




Pulse Elite Edition Headphone Review

Pulse Elite Edition Wireless Stereo Headset

The Pulse Elite gaming headphones are another pair of headphones that are great for multiple devices and can be used for other activities besides gaming. This headset has amazing sound quality which utilizes BassImpact technology.

The Pulse Elite headphones provides hi-fidelity 7.1 virtual surround sound which makes your gaming experience even more realistic. When watching movies, you will be able to hear and experience things you have never thought existed before. While gaming you will be able to hear the enemy approaching or detect their foot movement or small bodily shifts.

The headset provides crystal clear voice chat which makes Skype calls or sound on any other VO-IP service a breeze. Communicating with your teammates in co-op will sound crystal clear on both ends of the mic. Not only can you use these headphones on your computer or gaming console but it can be used on mobile devices as well.

Preset modes are available and optimized for different gaming and movie genres which is a cool feature. Another plus with the Pulse Elite headphones is the wireless feature. No longer will you have to be bother by wires and cords. Move freely has you immerse yourself into your gaming environment.

The headphone has support for PC, PS3, PS Vita, and Mac


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