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The Invention Of Headphones

Headphones have become the basic necessity of our lives since not everyone around us wants to hear the music of our choice. Before the invention of headphones, people used to pump in tunes in their ear canals to enjoy the music that became the major idea for inventing headphones.

In 1883 when there was no MP3s music, the headphones had no link with the music. The telephone operator used the first headphone. That headphone weighed 10 pounds and rested over the shoulder of the user. Nathaniel Baldwin was the first person who started building a modern type of headphone in 1910. That headphone was crafted in his kitchen and was purchased by American Navy. The headphone was nothing just a pair of cans that you can still see in your headphone but in modified form.

In 1937, Beyer dynamic introduced a headphone which became so popular that it hit the market since it was the first dynamic headphone launched. After a few decades, electrostatic headphones were introduced in which there was an interaction between the magnet and the electric current. The headphone was a more advanced and complex form of dynamic headphone that is considered as a huge leap in the history of headphones.

The dynamic headphones are still the most popular type of headphones in the market. In 1949, AKG also introduced their first headphone in the market. This launch made AKG very famous that they quit made a strong business of film equipment and started focusing on audio industry.

The first stereo headphone was created in 1958 by John C. Koss and in next few years, the Koss was a huge dominating part of the headphone industry. Followed by stereo headphone, another electrostatic headphone was debuted in Japan. These headphones were the very advanced type of headphones . However, there are rarely used these days.

In 1968, Koss again launched another headphone with an electrostatic principal and captured the market again. All of sudden, there aroused a need to have a portable pair of headphones and Sony Ericsson was the first idea about the portability of the headphones.

In the 1980s, in-ear headphones with ear buds were introduced which could not get much popularity until the innovation in the form of music games was brought in the market by Steven Paul Jobs. Then in 1997, the headphone with neckband came in the market for those people who were over conscious about their hairstyle. Another problem that leads to the invention of neckband headphones did not have an isolated sound with the headphones.

In 2000, high quality noise cancellation technology was introduced in these headphones which were intended to be used by pilots as well as passengers who want to get relief from the noisy flight. In 2001, the iPod was invented which was so popular among music lovers. In 2001, 300 million iPods were sold with their stylish and unique white earpiece. The quality as well as style was added in each phase of headphones development. The headphones these days are known to be best which have the high quality noise cancellation property with Bluetooth technology and many other features.

To this day headphones have become the staple in wearable audio technology. With the advent of Bluetooth wireless technology as well as a host of new features, headphones have many valuable uses. Video game headphones have become widely popular over the years and continue to expand. Listening to music on the go also continues to trend, especially for those who wear sports headphones specialized for physical activity. Casual headphones will always remain popular for those who enjoy amazing sound quality at a reasonable price.

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